Friday, December 19, 2008


Growing up, one of the popular topics of discussion was the description of our future spouses. Many of the adjectives often used were good-looking, rich, and smart. My expectations always bothered my audience. I wanted somebody I could boss around. Everybody always tried to convince me how unreasonable I was. Their arguments always fell on deaf ears because how could anybody else possibly know what would make me happy.
I remember having these conversations as a teenager with other students and teachers. More of the same conversations in college with friends. And more in the workplace with coworkers. The others would tell me healthy relationships are 50/50. And my response would be, "Why should we do things MY way 50% of the time, when I'm right MOST of the time?" I can't follow that logic.
What surprises me the most is that in 25 years the one thing that has remained constant is my desire for an obedient spouse.
My background in psychology tells me that this rigidity in personality can often be characterized as a disorder.
So, at 39 and single, I must ask:

Is it time for a therapist?

Or should I try online dating?

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